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Voicemail systems in Birmingham

If you're looking for a modern range of voicemail systems that aren't overly expensive, we're proud to be of service.

Please feel free to take a good look around this page. If you require any further advice, one of our specialists is always available.


Our range of voicemail systems allow each member of staff in a company to have their own individual inbox.

Here your employees can also record their own personal greeting message, giving a personal feel to your service.

Answering machines and call transfers

Most voicemail systems include an automated attendant, meaning that instead of an operator answering the call, the voicemail system will answer.

If required, callers can be directed to the relevant department or individual automatically by the system.

Why choose our voicemail systems?

Offering a reliable and efficient range, our voicemail systems are of the highest quality and able to store any number of messages onto a computer hard disk.

Voicemail systems are very advanced, allowing the unification of voice, fax and email messages into just one mailbox.

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